We live in a world where we may be misunderstood. We live in a world where our story may not be heard. In the land of the free, our shackles can still be seen. So we turn to our history in the motherland for hope and what we could’ve been. Away from our motherland our possibilities seem to be limited, to either an athlete or child that was broken than saved. But we

are kings and queens from the home we call Africa, trailblazers in fields

that our ancestors could have never imagined.

We are doctors teachers, scholars and presidents. We are not limited to

the boxes that the modern world has perceived but leaders to a new generation.

 by Ester Mokonchu    -

5 Day Black History Camp 





for ALL Youth & Adults



an enrichment program for the study of Black History & Culture

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"Whether you're an adult, teen or child, we've got something for you"

  • Explore the great Kings, Queens, & Kingdoms of Africa and more!

  • Join the parent discussions and learn how to advocate for your child within the local school system (other topics as well)

  • Participate in enriching field trips that focus on Black History and the African American experience in the U.S.

  • Certified Teachers, Talented Clinicians, & Dinner is included!

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Seba Enrichment Academy

Seba Enrichment Academy provides an enriching educational experience that empowers its students to become self-confident, wise, and compassionate individuals who are committed to life-long learning, self-pride, tolerance and community service based on Christian beliefs.

Seba Enrichment Academy Overview

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Seba Enrichment Academy, pronounced “Say-ba”, is to provide youth, teens and adults a place to learn, experience and understand African & African American History & Culture.

vision statement

S.E.A. will provide  a creative and academically enriched curriculum  to ensure that learning the facts about our African history and African Americans will facilitate respect, understanding, and the appreciation of African American History and Culture. The curriculum will strive to empower & inspire youth, teens & adults to understand, embrace and celebrate the rich history and culture of African Americans.

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Seba Enrichment Academy proudly supports

"New Directions" a Youth Program at the

Charles A. Melton Center in West Chester, PA.