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Seba Enrichment Academy Schedule & Class Offerings

Our Academy offers informative & exciting enrichment classes complete with guest clinicians and/or field trips and culminating closing exercise!  

Session topics may change at the digression of the instructor
  1. Our Roots, Our People & Our Culture 
2. African Explorers and Trade
  3."Coming to America" - The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade
  4. "Who Am I"-Genealogy for Kids & Adults 
  5. "Follow the Drinking Gourd"- Chester County Underground Railroad 
  6. "African American Quilts - A message in the material" 
  7. "Slavery in America - The Pursuit of Freedom"
  8.  Virtual Black History Summer Camp  
  9"What is Voting all About?" and the African American Journey to the Polls  
  10. "When Black Lives Mattered" - Exploring the Civil War & Reconstruction 
  11. "All that Jazz" - The Harlem Renaissance 
  12.  "Juneteenth" - A Celebration of Freedom  
  13. "We Shall Overcome" -  Changemakers and The Road to Civil Rights
  14. "And Still I Rise" - Accomplishments of African Americans


The Important Stuff

Let's Talk 3 logo.jpg

"LET'S TALK" - courageous conversations about issues & topics that affect teens today.  Sessions will be facilitated by our professional clinicians/counselors in a supportive, constructive and safe Christian environment. Students will be given tools to better support their concerns and responses to daily issues that affect them.

*In addition to student enrichment classes, parents will also  have the opportunity to participate in adult sessions geared towards assisting them on how to navigate through the current crises facing our children within our schools, home and community. 

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